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UV Invisible Marking

Protection has assumed the top of mind position due to a rising concern about counterfeiting - this has led to greater use of security marking methods like printing with Invisible UV Ink that is invisible in the naked eyes but only clearly visible under UV light.

Which this kind of security marking will cannot copied using the color copier or advance scanner.

Aside from this ink you can also integrate the use of hologram to your documents for added security features.

Ideally used for:

Universities Diploma
Transcript of Record
Maritime Training Certificates
Gift Certificates
Concert Tickets
Bank Cheques
Government Forms
Official Receipts
Product Labels
Parking Ticket

Anti-Counterfeiting & Tamper Hologram Sticker

Holograms are virtually impossible to duplicate and to produce by average criminals. Therefore, they have become the integral part of many government and commercial security programs.

That's why it is said that's Security hologram is a unique optical security device that has combined the Physics and Optics to create a three dimensional image on a two dimensional surface that is used to protect the genuineness of the brand name and authenticity of a product against the spurious/ imitations/duplicates

Impact: Holograms are eye-catching and will be looked at significantly longer than other graphic mediums. If a customer name or logo or slogan is on the hologram, the message is enforced.

Ideally used for:

Universities/ Colleges Diploma
Transcript of Record
Maritime Training Certificates
Gift Certificates
Medicinal Product Labels
Pharmaceutical /Beauty Product Labels
Universities/ Colleges ID
Company ID Badges
Clothing Hang-tags

Electronics Components
Bank Financial Bond Shares Certificates

Security Seal Sticker

These 5 kinds of security sticker are good to sealed the product boxes to avoid counterfeit and tampering.

1.) Void Sticker
The word VOID appears when intentionally remove the sticker and it will damage the design of the box.

2.) Destructible Sticker
There is no way to open the box without removing this sticker, but good thing this sticker will damage into pieces by pieces every time you peel off.

3.) Security Sticky Sticker
If this sticker will remove it will slice into two pieces, which the other side will damage into box where it is pasted.

4.) Invisible Security Sticker
This sticker has an invisible printing mark, which mark cannot be seen in the eye, but only visible under the use of UV Backlight or money detector gadget.

5.) Hologram Tamper Sticker
Easy to Identify, Hard to Imitate
is the three-dimensional laser printed, and has the ability to see around the behind objects in a different angles.



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